Middle-aged White guy from MD, living in VA, just outside DC. OK?

(See what I did there?)

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and people seem to enjoy my art, so that's nifty. And if you can get paid for something you love, it only makes sense to do it. 

I'm a very friendly, outspoken guy. I'm told I'm charming, so that's nice. I'm confident without being egotistical (I hope) and I do see the positive while acknowledging the negative.

My art is fun, ideally for both me and the viewer but I'm definitely having a great time making it so step your game up, audience! I incorporate silliness and whimsical elements into most of the things I do because I like making people smile (funny, as I watch a lot of depressing movies.)

Curious about anything else? Hit me up here.